FirstPoint Collection Resources Balances a Superior Recovery Rate While Maintaining Our Customer's Reputation and Image

  • Reduce A/R days and Bad Debt
  • Preserve Customer Relationships
  • Improve Staff Efficiency
  • Outsource your Customer Call Center Services
  • Licensed Nationwide
  • Concrete Principles

FirstPoint Collection Resources, has been an innovator in the accounts receivable management industry for more than 60 years.  FirstPoint’s hallmark is best in class service designed to maximize collections, increase cash flow and retain customers.  Services include bad debt collections, extended business office services, flexible patient finance plans, early delinquency programs and call center management.

The only company you need for accounts receivable management and customer call center management services.










"We moved our bad debt collection accounts to First Point in 2017, and have had a wonderful experience. Patients are very satisfied with the representatives that contact them. They do not feel harassed or threatened by the representatives from First Point. The customer service team that works directly with me is very helpful and friendly, and they do their best to make sure that we never have any issues.


Dalila Miller,
Revenue Cycle Manager,
Webster County Memorial Hospital