As a division of a 105-year-old corporation, FPMR is financially stable and thus is able to offer not only our employees, but also the organizations we manage (our client-partners), the benefit of being a part of a well-established support network rarely seen among association management companies and certainly not even imaginable by most of today’s “stand-alone,” not-for-profit management staffs.

Our services are more specialized and more comprehensive than those of a paid internal staff, and are more cost-effective than stand-alone management.  You would have to hire several key professionals and pay them top salaries to obtain the same knowledge and skill base that is available at FPMR. 

We tout our technology, no matter what may be the “mission” of the trade association, professional society, credentialing body, or licensure organization. FPMR, through our parent company FirstPoint, has emphasized the importance of technology across all of our lines of business, and this emphasis has been felt in many beneficial ways by FPMR’s client-partners.